What is Hypnosis?


Being hypnotised is unique for everybody.   The common idea you may have of hypnosis being relaxation, or a type of relaxatherapy is both untrue and a misconcepton, even amongst a few hypnotherapists.  Hypnosis though is something else and difficult to understand until you have experienced it for yourself.


What is it like to be Hypnotised?

The easiest way to explain hypnosis is probably best in my client’s own words.

  • “It is not what I expected”
  • “Enlightening, and mind blowing. I feel more focused”
  • “You are in total control”
  • “I’ve never felt so physically and mentally relaxed!”
  • “You are aware of everything but just don’t care”
  • “Truly breathtaking and is almost magical”

Why I Use Clinical Hypnosis

We become programmed to act and react in certain ways, often without even realising it.  Have you ever made a decision to do something and found that something inside you seems to be holding you back?  This is your mind and it is powerfu.  If you fight it usually you will lose, but there is a different way.  Persuade it to help you, not hinder you.

I use hypnosis because it makes this possible.  Imagine using the power of your mind; which does everything you do but don't think about.  It controls your thoughts, habits, behaviours, feelings and much more.  Everything you do without thinking about it.

For instance, pick up a pen now.  How did you do it?  What actually happens when you pick up the pen?  We all take this for granted but your subconscious just does it, it doesn't even break sweat.  You really do have an amazing mind even if you haven't realised it until now.


The subconscious mind – friend or foe?

Your mind is powerful, too powerful for you to fight.  That is the reason why trying to change with will power, reason and logic doesn't often work.  Why good intentions don't usually last.  Your subconscious mind was not part of the process and was not in agreement about making the change.


We all have this kind of programming inside us and it can influence everything we do.  We usually end up doing what we subconsciously want to do.  Sometimes we have no choice, or it feels that way.  You want to change but can't, no matter how hard you try!

Persuade your mind to change and you can change

If you want to understand why you can't make this change yourself, the answer is simple.  You cannot bypass the logical and rational part of your mind and get to the more powerful, hidden subconcious to make the change, without help.  Logic gets in the way.  I can’t get mine out of the way and I have been using hypnosis for years.


The only way to achieve this is with someone, who knows how to help you do it.  This will make sense if we work together and we make it happen.  It can be life changing and you usually notice something like that!


What you need to know when approaching Hypnotherapy

I don't do stage hypnosis and won't make you do silly things.  I also don't do typical, linear and scripted hypnotherapy.  Every session is tailored to you, as an individual and helping you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Every hypnotherapist is different and has their own skills and experience.  It is not the hypnotherapy that makes the difference, it is the person using it and the way they use it.  Hypnosis, once you find the right hypnotherapist can really change your life for the better.  It can help you improve your health, happiness and achieve success in life.  

If you need read more about hypnotherapy and hypnosis you can at those links on Wikipedia but remember there is only one way to truly understand it for yourself and that is to try it.  Contact me today and experience it yourself!