Help with the anxiety

Feelings of anxiety are something that we may all have to deal with from time to time.  Have you  ever felt like you are a born worrier, or feel anxious or overreacting at the slightest thing?  The way you think causes this reaction.  Some therapy, methods of relaxation or meditation may help for a while but sooner or later the programmes inside your mind begin again.  Your anxiety returns, as do the feelings you are trying to get rid of.  Nothing seems to work, or last.  

It is these programmes that you need to change if you are to feel calmer, more relaxed and regain a feeling of being in control again.


Hypnotherapy for anxiety

My unique approach to helping you can change the way you think and feel.  It can help reduce anxiety by persuading your mind to deal with situations in a calmer and relaxed way, change your perspective and the way you respond to situations in your life.

Hypnosis is the tool that allows direct communication and influence within the subconscious.  It can help us find and change the unwanted way of thinking that has been causing the results you are experiencing at the moment.  If you think about anxiety, panic and stress.  You don’t consciously make yourself feel anxious, do you? It just happens, without thinking, subconsciously.  But you have a choice.


Stressful thinking

People try and deal with stress in many different ways, but do you want to deal with it or change it?

What causes stress for one person might not bother another.  Stress is really a matter of perception and different for everybody.  It affects us differently because of the way we think.  I can help you change this so you can feel and respond in new, better and more beneficial ways.

People who don’t feel stressed are no different than you.  They just think in a different way.  I can show you how.