What People Say

Some words from a few successful hypnotherapy clients

I began working as a hypnotherapist in 2004 and since then have helped thousands of people to lose weight and to stop smoking but there is so much more that effective hypnotherapy can do.  Over the years I have worked with an extremely wide range of challenges, from stress, anxiety, confidence and some very unusual issues.

Most of my work comes from recommendations from happy clients.  I often work with people who have tried hypnotherapy before, without success and help them find a way to make it work for them.  Here is just a small selection of testimonials from some of my clients……….

Before the session I was lacking in confidence and self-esteem, I had just left college and this is now my first time out of education, so I needed to look for a job. But with the barrier of lacking of confidence it was hard for me. I felt like I didn’t want to go get a job.

But this lack of confidence had been making me not want to do things for a long time.

Edward has a calm and confident voice that makes you feel calm. Only having one session with him made a big difference to me and my life.

Just having a chat to him and then going into the hypnotherapy was good for me because it gave me the chance to open up about everything that was wrong and then gave him the chance to do hypnotherapy and try to fix the problem.

I don’t know how he did it, but it worked for me, and it fixed my problem. So thank you for helping me!

C. M

Different and more effective than past experience with hypnotherapy. Edwards follow up procedure is second to none. Genuine care and attention to find the root of the problem.

I have discovered reasons behind my anxiety that I was unaware of before my sessions with Edward that go back further than I ever imagined. He offers security of my wellbeing knowing what could trigger my anxiety and how to avoid reoccurrence.

Highly recommended for both hypnotherapy and aftercare. Edward has genuine concern for people and how his service can help. I will definitely return if I feel it necessary.

L. M

It really helped with my irrational anxiety. I am so much calmer now and able to deal with life better.  The experience of working with Edward has turned my life around.

I was suffering from irrational anxiety that was making my life a misery, and now I am very much calmer and able to cope with life.

Edward has really helped me, and left me with tools to help myself in the future.

S. C

I was very anxious about heights. Since the sessions I’ve been able to take the family on foreign holidays. Working with Edward was really enjoyable experience and I’ve managed to overcome something that has dictated the way I lived my live!

R. S

Very successful and very enjoyable!  I wasn't confident and I doubted myself, Edward soon sorted this out!  I am much more confident without a doubt!

D. A

My whole life changed for the better ……. now I feel more relaxed, at ease and happier.  I am able to deal with stressful situations calmly and rationally … hypnotherapy has definitely improved my life and I would highly recommend it.

V. L

Calming and enlightening, I felt surprisingly aware whilst feel so relaxed.

I was anxious and stressed.  I can now deal with situations in a new light and feel much calmer about things that previously would have made me extremely anxious, and once caused me to faint. I now don’t faint do to feeling anxious.

Before visiting Edward I suffered with fainting nearly every day from feeling extremely anxious about everyday situations. This had really been affecting my college attendance and confidence.

I was unsure as to what to expect when seeing Edward but he made me feel very comfortable and hypnotherapy was really relaxing and calming to me - as well as eye opening.

He’s made me see situations in a new light, where I feel more calm, confident and relaxed about things I would have perhaps once fainted over. I really do believe he has changed my life dramatically and I am very grateful for this.

I thoroughly recommend Edward, even if you’re sceptical about hypnotherapy.

H. S

I would never have believed the amazing effect Edward has had on my lovely friend. Her life was ‘floundering’ and not only did he put her back on the straight and narrow but he instilled in her a love for life and made her believe in herself.

Whenever she feels as though she needs reminding how amazing she is, she just books a session with Edward and she’s fully restored again!!

L. F

Over the years I have tried most methods of reducing weight but tapping into the subconscious is definitely the most successful.


I believe the word “hypnosis” is either misleading or there is a general lack of understanding on what it consists of.

All Edward does is bringing you into a calm state of mind where your awareness is enhanced so that you can focus better on the goals you want to set up for yourself.

N. A

I would describe going to see Edward as having a gentle yet powerful brain massage, I go in feeling stressed and unsure about many aspects of my life and come out feeling euphoric and more able to function.  A great and lasting experience!

L. T

I did not have the natural births that I planned, yes I had to have medical help to deliver both my children, however without hypnosis I would not have had any control over the situation, I would not have felt able to deal with it and possibly I would not have had my second child, imagine that!

L. A

Very difficult to describe!  Changes ‘happen’ without having to work at them.  Always came out of sessions feeling much better than when I went in.

M. D

I originally met Edward through a mutual friend some years ago. He is sincere and passionate about helping others to reach their potential through hypnosis, identifying the issues with the individual that are preventing then from leading a positive and full filled life.

It is very important to be talk openly and honestly and, for me , Edward has all the qualities to be able to facilitate this and put you at your ease.  For me, I initially visited Edward following a bereavement, which impacted on family relationships resulting in anxiety and panic attacks. The time with Edward helped me to find the underlying reasons that were causing these feelings and within a short time these had disappeared.

It is surprising to me how being able to identify and work on the issues, can have such  a positive effect on so many other aspects of your life. It is difficult to sum everything up, other than to say my ‘mo-jo’ has returned, relationships are better, work related worries don’t seem so big any more and the thought that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to is stronger.

If you are considering Hypnotherapy for whatever reason, I would feel able to highly recommend Edward.

A. L

A strange relaxed feeling I had never experienced before.  I was frustrated at doing things I shouldn’t have been doing like having my mouth open when eating and talking over people.

I feel I am doing these things less. Not there yet but getting there.  I would recommend anyone who has similar problems to go to Edward

A. M

I’ve never felt so physically and mentally relaxed!

B. Y

Edward is one of the nicest people that I have ever met in my life. He is a true professional and is exemplary at his job as a hypnotherapist.

His attention to deal is superb, his ability to by pass the critical thinking part of the mind and get to sub conscious is truly breathtaking and is almost magical how after just one session, I felt 10 times a better person.

I can safely say, that after 35 years I feel the best that I have ever felt in my entire life and it is all down to the unbelievably amazing and effective skills of Edward.

To be honest, words just can’t do it justice just how good he is . I can’t recommend Edward highly enough. He has transformed me as person and I can’t thank him enough!

J. S

Incredibly relaxing experience. Happy to listen to Edwards’s voice and allow my sub conscious to respond. Sometimes quite surprised at images/responses that came to mind.

I was finding work overwhelming and struggling to put things in perspective. I wanted to be able to not react so strongly to stressful situations and to not be visibly agitated.  People have commented on a change in my persona at work. I do feel more in control and don’t panic/stress as much when things go wrong.

I had no expectations of the hypnotherapy experience but have been really impressed by the changes I have seen since seeing Edward. Edward asks lots of questions to ensure that the crux of the issue is identified and can be handled with your sub conscious. I wanted to see an improvement in my ability to manage pressure in work and this has definitely been realised.

G. K

He took my mind where I have never been before, which has improved my life and has made me more positive.  I was negative about my relationships to people close to me.

Edward supported me with advice during the whole process and the level of encouragement was excellent.

I can honestly say that the sense of achievement was excellent and would recommend Edward’s service to anyone who has issues that they are unable to find the answers.

B. M

The next day was the start of my life again, I was smiling again. I looked in a full-length mirror, side on, and noticed I was even standing straighter!

Four sessions on I feel fantastic, no tablets, drugs, potions or shrinks.  Just an amazing man, with an amazing ability,or gift, call it what you want.  Thank you Edward, you’ve changed my life!

M. P

It’s really hard to explain and to put in words how Edward has helped me to solve little things in my life that other people may struggle with.. cigarettes, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, breaking up issues. me?

I have never had any of these and I don’t even know what they are. Or at least, this is what I believe in. I don’t understand what people mean when they invite me to go outside for a cigarette, as I can’t even stand the smell. And I don’t see myself as someone who has ever smoked.

Well. whatever the issue is, I do recommend a chat with Edward. If you want to achieve it, he’ll just make it happen for you. Enjoy life!

J. D

Gave me a positive outlook and helped me put things into perspective.

D. J

What I like best about working with Edward is his obvious passion and belief in his work. He is a very genuine person and I am always at ease during our sessions together.

Thanks to his professional approach I have achieved my goal of dealing with anxiety and becoming more confident in many areas of my life. I wish I had started working with Edward years ago.

R. L

Haven’t been so relaxed for an age!!  We should all do more of this!

S. K

A hugely calming experience – I was surprised that I felt more ‘conscious’ than I expected.  I was suffering with great tension over a couple of major issues, including serious professional problems with a colleague at work. I felt that I could not find a way to deal positively with the problems that I was up against, and that I was ‘damaging’ myself by storing up the frustration and stress.

I am feeling much stronger and am much more able to ‘let go’ of the tensions created by people and situations over which I have no control.  Thank you Edward for helping me find a way through the complex and often frustrating situations that I have recently encountered.

His approach is uncomplicated and entirely logical, and has helped me to re-establish my own inner strength – He has helped ‘unlock’ the power within me and help me face up to and deal with the bullying and narcissistic tendencies of a work colleague in such a way that I am ‘in control’ once again!

M. W

Life is much better. Feel more confident driving and now able to go into shops without having anxiety attacks.

Before meeting Edward I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks whilst driving and going into busy shops, it was beginning to control my life. Since being hypnotised by Edward I have had the confidence to drive again with no attacks and going into shops is manageable. If I feel a panic attack starting I immediately control it thanks to the help and support of Edward.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Edward as he has really changed my life.

N. F

Excellent.  Felt more calm and confident and able to channel my thoughts in a different way.  I did not know what to expect but hypnotherapy has given me the confidence to challenge my negative thoughts and deal with them in a positive way.

C. H

A wonderful experience….giving you peace of mind!

E. B

Great experience, would recommend it to anybody. You are in total control and do not say anything or do anything that you do not want to and you will never feel more relaxed.

G. F

I needed to start losing weight.  Edward’s sessions changed the way I managed what I ate and I have started losing weight

M. D