What People Say

Some words from a few successful hypnotherapy clients

I began working as a hypnotherapist in 2004 and since then have helped thousands of people to lose weight and to stop smoking but there is so much more that effective hypnotherapy can do.  Over the years I have worked with an extremely wide range of challenges, from stress, anxiety, confidence and some very unusual issues.

Most of my work comes from recommendations from happy clients.  I often work with people who have tried hypnotherapy before, without success and help them find a way to make it work for them.  Here is just a small selection of testimonials from some of my clients……….

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience, but I found it relaxing and comfortable.  Before I felt anxious, on edge and suffered panic attacks a lot of the time, especially when travelling or in enclosed spaces.

I am know feeling much calmer, car journeys are no longer a stressful time for me.  I was unsure what to expect when it came to hypnotherapy, but Edward made me feel calm and at ease straight away. For me hypnotherapy helped immensely, I now feel calmer and my anxiety is in check.

I would definitely recommend trying hypnotherapy and Edward is a fantastic at what he does.

C. W

Many thanks for your wonderful work with me.  I have been put to the test on several occasions, and passed with flying colours.

C. P

Gave me a positive outlook and helped me put things into perspective.

D. J

Thanks to Edward, my life has changed massively.  I suffered with anxiety and it was affecting my day to day activities to the point where I did not want to leave the house.

Now, this is a very distant memory and I am anxiety free. I no longer dread waking up in the morning and thoroughly enjoy life.

For anybody considering hypnotherapy I would highly recommend Edward, it can be truly life changing.

H. G

Left feeling more relaxed and confident within myself.

J. S

Calmed my high levels of stress.

C. M

I chose my hypnotherapist well.  Edward is passionate about what he does and was enthusiastic about helping me.  His experience gives him a wide range of techniques at his fingertips.  Often working instinctively, he allows his intuitive mind to channel his way of working.

T. H

I’ve never felt so physically and mentally relaxed!

B. Y

If you are even a little unsure about whether to be hypnotised, please speak to Edward – he will explain the whole process before a session even takes place.

He is not a stage hypnotist and won’t make you look stupid, which was my original view.  He is there to help you.  I just wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did before I contacted him.  Thank you, Edward.

R. L

I don’t know how he did it, but it worked for me, and it fixed my problem.  So thank you for helping me!

C. M

I suffered with insomnia for many years and have tried many remedies. Quite apart from herbal remedies I also tried acupuncture coupled with the common sense routines, no caffeine, no TV in bedroom, warm bath before bed, darkened bedroom.

None of these remedies even touched my insomnia and I felt I was destined to never have a good night’s sleep again.  Although I had a slight (but totally unnecessary apprehension) to try hypnosis, I needn’t have been concerned at all.  During hypnosis I was awake, aware but very relaxed.  The results have been fantastic.  After a course of treatment I NOW SLEEP!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Edward Arran.

D. S

I’ve heard about hypnosis but never experienced it. Found the experience very helpful and also talking to Edward really help putting things in perspective but it has also helped with sleeping not realising that the hypnosis makes you feel very relaxed. I feel that going forward I am stronger in myself and feel like I can tackle my challenges.

I have a phobia of the dreaded MRI machine and I was open to any help that Edward could offer me.

I feel a lot happier and feel like I can be stronger going forward. I am stronger than I thought I was. If anything bothers me I take deep breaths and try and think through the situation before doing anything whereas before I would have avoided the situation.

Edward has helped me with a phobia that has troubled me for many years. Having never tried hypnosis before I went in with an open mind and was looking for any help that Edward could offer me.

I found Edward very helpful, very approachable and felt that although it’s my phobia I am not alone in having these and he went out of his way to help me taking many ways to help me. I cannot recommend Edward highly enough a very knowledgeable man and always has a smile which helps too.

D. E

Excellent.  I would describe my experience as very good, it has helped me get past my stutter.  I felt low on confidence and nervous to speak to people.

My life has improved massively since my sessions with Edward I have done things that before I would of not had the confidence to do.  Even though I still stutter from time to time this is down to just learning again to speak with confidence.

S. E

If you are unsure if Edward can help you with your problems, then I highly recommend you speak to him and just ask If he can help, he will and support you all the way, As I said I will never be able to thank him enough.

K. J

The amazing thing was that after the sessions my problems cam back ten-fold with no respite making me believe the therapy hadn’t worked – but only made things worse!

Then suddenly all the problems disappeared and stopped – full stop.  Leaving me to be me – to be free – to be brilliant!  Thank you Edward – I would recommend it to everyone.

P. T

I would describe my experience as very good it has helped me get past my stutter.  I felt low on confidence and nervous to speak to people.  My life has improved massively since my few sessions with Edward.

I have done things that before I would not had done.  I have the confidence to do that and even though I still stutter from time to time this is down to just learning again to speak with confidence.  If I need more sessions then so be.

I can not thank Edward enough for what he has done for me so far.

S. E

I needed to start losing weight.  Edward’s sessions changed the way I managed what I ate and I have started losing weight

M. D

I had a big hope in the therapy with Edward, and on the other hand I was a little concerned as I had little idea and knowledge about it. A friend of mine got over acrophobia by hypnosis so I thought I should give a go.

Edward is very welcoming, and listens to me very carefully first. And he approached my problems considering my concerns I had against the hypnosis. The more I talked to him the more I felt the benefit and effect of his hypnotherapy. I managed the fear and anxiety when I had a job interview.

M. L

Extremely comfortable and relaxing. I was extremely anxious and had reached the lowest time of my life. Now I feel like a new person. I cannot believe the change in me,I feel so much more in control of my life and how I live it.

I would highly recommend Edward if you are considering hypnotherapy. My life was extremely unsettled and stressful before I met him. I was eating, drinking alcohol, and spending excessively and could see so escape.

I had tried counselling and other therapy’s over the past fifteen years and nothing made any difference.

I came out of my second session with Edward feeling like two huge boulders had been lifted from my shoulders. I can never thank him enough.

A. C

Just a quick note to update you on my progress.  I have lost 33 pounds since I saw you last!!

P. R

Edward is one of the nicest people that I have ever met in my life. He is a true professional and is exemplary at his job as a hypnotherapist.

His attention to deal is superb, his ability to by pass the critical thinking part of the mind and get to sub conscious is truly breathtaking and is almost magical how after just one session, I felt 10 times a better person.

I can safely say, that after 35 years I feel the best that I have ever felt in my entire life and it is all down to the unbelievably amazing and effective skills of Edward.

To be honest, words just can’t do it justice just how good he is . I can’t recommend Edward highly enough. He has transformed me as person and I can’t thank him enough!

J. S

The next day was the start of my life again, I was smiling again. I looked in a full-length mirror, side on, and noticed I was even standing straighter!

Four sessions on I feel fantastic, no tablets, drugs, potions or shrinks.  Just an amazing man, with an amazing ability,or gift, call it what you want.  Thank you Edward, you’ve changed my life!

M. P

Edward is a very sincere person, who wants to make a difference. He is easy to talk to and has earnestly sought to remove my problems.

T. H

Great experience, would recommend it to anybody. You are in total control and do not say anything or do anything that you do not want to and you will never feel more relaxed.

G. F

My whole life changed for the better ……. now I feel more relaxed, at ease and happier.  I am able to deal with stressful situations calmly and rationally … hypnotherapy has definitely improved my life and I would highly recommend it.

V. L

Enlightening, and mind blowing.  I was in a fairly dark place mentally . Mind all over the shop. Constant thoughts on using cocaine and other drug taking memories.  I feel more focused . The urges have been reduced by 80% . I feel that I want to achieve more in life and make things happen… (Which is happening !)!

Edward is an incredibly professional hypnotist who is very passionate about what he does. He uses an amazing technique of being able to get through to the Subconcious and from there can make excellent progress in re programming parts of the affected brain. He has a very easy to get on with manner and puts people at ease with a blend of humour and being down to earth .

I would highly recommend Edward!

J. E

I suffered very badly from anxiety for 7 years. I have tried medication, CBT, group therapy, counselling and even rapid eye movement therapy, they were good for a short while but nothing shifted the anxiety for good and recently it just got unmanageable and unbearable.

I am into mountain biking and would worry about new trails and even fret about trails I had done a thousand times before, one tiny slip would set me off into a panic attack.

A new trail would leave me breathless, panicky and I would freeze with fear and have to push my bike back to the car in tears! Now on my bike I enjoy the moment. I don’t worry about what is ahead and have a huge sense of ‘I can do it’ and take every challenge as it comes.

I have done things since our very first session which I would never have even considered before! I have gone back to places where I couldn’t do bits and not even hesitated and smashed it! I am going mountain biking around Europe and now known can do anything! I can do it! No need to worry!

My husband and brother have noticed a huge change in me and it is all down to Edward! We couldn’t thank him enough!!!

K. T

A strange relaxed feeling I had never experienced before.  I was frustrated at doing things I shouldn’t have been doing like having my mouth open when eating and talking over people.

I feel I am doing these things less. Not there yet but getting there.  I would recommend anyone who has similar problems to go to Edward

A. M

It is quite a weird feeling. While I was aware of everything that was being said, and aware that if I really wanted to I could come out of it, in practice I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I didn’t have the inclination or the energy to do so.

I’d been suffering from depression and stress and was unable to stop myself behaving badly towards me partner. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide. This is normal after treatment for cancer, and some of it is delayed shock/PTSD, but I couldn’t face the thought of just putting up with it and waiting to get through it.

After the first session I already started feeling better but since the second one all these problems have miraculously gone away. I do get a bit down occasionally as everyone does, but I now snap out of it quickly and don’t take it out on my partner.

I’m so grateful for the speedy and effective treatment of my issues and I think it tragic that more people are not aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

C. B

I believe the word “hypnosis” is either misleading or there is a general lack of understanding on what it consists of.

All Edward does is bringing you into a calm state of mind where your awareness is enhanced so that you can focus better on the goals you want to set up for yourself.

N. A