What People Say

Some words from a few successful hypnotherapy clients

I began working as a hypnotherapist in 2004 and since then have helped thousands of people to lose weight and to stop smoking but there is so much more that effective hypnotherapy can do.  Over the years I have worked with an extremely wide range of challenges, from stress, anxiety, confidence and some very unusual issues.

Most of my work comes from recommendations from happy clients.  I often work with people who have tried hypnotherapy before, without success and help them find a way to make it work for them.  Here is just a small selection of testimonials from some of my clients……….

Very successful and very enjoyable! I wasn’t confident and I doubted myself, Edward soon sorted this out! I am much more confident without a doubt!

D. A

The amazing thing was that after the sessions my problems cam back ten-fold with no respite making me believe the therapy hadn’t worked – but only made things worse!

Then suddenly all the problems disappeared and stopped – full stop.  Leaving me to be me – to be free – to be brilliant!  Thank you Edward – I would recommend it to everyone.

P. T

Slightly surreal. I came out of the session not sure whether I had really allowed Edward to talk to my subconscious and feeling slightly fraudulent; then exactly one week later I stopped smoking tobacco. It has been 3 weeks since then and no cravings at all.

I was stuck in an endless cycle of knowing that I must stop smoking and not being able to.

Edward has helped me in a profound way. I am very grateful for this and for the time he has spent with me in order to get me to this new place in my life. Thank you.

P. D

Very difficult to describe!  Changes ‘happen’ without having to work at them.  Always came out of sessions feeling much better than when I went in.

M. D

Very relaxing, supportive and empowering.  I feel much more positive.

D. A

Haven’t been so relaxed for an age!!  We should all do more of this!

S. K

If you are unsure if Edward can help you with your problems, then I highly recommend you speak to him and just ask If he can help, he will and support you all the way, As I said I will never be able to thank him enough.

K. J

Relaxing but unusual!  I had a lot of issues with driving, even short distances. High levels of anxiety.

My anxiety has reduced and I am able to drive to many places with no worries. I still feel I need to do a little work on confidence/not fearing the worst in other aspects of my life.

Edward is wonderful to work with. He's really friendly and easy to talk to which makes the whole process very easy and not daunting at all. He is also very talented at what he does.

I've definitely seen improvements in just a short number of sessions and I look forward to working on some other areas in the future. Thank you Edward!

A. B

Very successful and very enjoyable!  I wasn't confident and I doubted myself, Edward soon sorted this out!  I am much more confident without a doubt!

D. A

Thanks to Edward, my life has changed massively.  I suffered with anxiety and it was affecting my day to day activities to the point where I did not want to leave the house.

Now, this is a very distant memory and I am anxiety free. I no longer dread waking up in the morning and thoroughly enjoy life.

For anybody considering hypnotherapy I would highly recommend Edward, it can be truly life changing.

H. G

I had hypnosis many years ago but this was on a much deeper level.

S. C

I would describe going to see Edward as having a gentle yet powerful brain massage, I go in feeling stressed and unsure about many aspects of my life and come out feeling euphoric and more able to function.  A great and lasting experience!

L. T

I would not go to see shows, to the cinema or to anything that involved loud noises and avoided them at all costs. I wouldn’t even stay to the evening reception at my own daughters wedding. I have constantly all my life turned down invites to functions which friends stopped inviting me to.

They knew if there was going to be any form of entertainment I would say no.

I have been to see a show in the West end and have also seen a musical. This was impossible before visiting Edward. Recently I saw a musician in the street and in the past would have legged it in the opposite direction, but I stayed to listen and enjoyed the music. My husband wanted me to film it, as he was amazed that I didn’t run off. I have just accepted my first invite to a family party where there will be a disco.

I would recommend anyone to try hypnosis with Edward. You have to be positive and willing to give it a try as I found out being positive can mean a change of life. Where I use to run in the opposite direction at the sound of loud noises, I can now control the fear rather than the fear control me and enjoy my life.

R. S

Hypnosis is hard to describe, it’s not what I expected but not sure what I did expect!  I was apprehensive of being judged and not feeling at ease but it’s been relaxing, intriguing and totally worth trying!

W. J

It was an amazing experience.  I found myself totally relaxed and comfortable with Edward.  He is truly gifted.

J. H

It felt a bit odd initially as it’s quite an alien experience, especially as I’m slightly skeptical but heard from a friend how good Edward was.

He was very relaxing to listen to and I felt he was able to get to the root of my obsessive behaviour quickly.  I was a little desperate as I felt I wasn’t in control and it was knocking my confidence and happiness.

Edward is able to get to the root of problems without you feeling like he is intruding. It is a very personal experience and I would highly recommend Edward as in only a couple of sessions he has made such a difference to my life.

L. M

Enlightening, and mind blowing.  I feel more focused . The urges have been reduced by 80% . I feel that I want to achieve more in life and make things happen, which is happening!

Edward is an incredibly professional hypnotist who is very passionate about what he does. He uses an amazing technique of being able to get through to the Subconscious and from there can make excellent progress in re programming parts of the affected brain.

He has a very easy to get on with manner and puts people at ease with a blend of humour and being down to earth. I would highly recommend Edward.

J. T

It is quite a weird feeling. While I was aware of everything that was being said, and aware that if I really wanted to I could come out of it, in practice I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I didn’t have the inclination or the energy to do so.

I’d been suffering from depression and stress and was unable to stop myself behaving badly towards me partner. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide. This is normal after treatment for cancer, and some of it is delayed shock/PTSD, but I couldn’t face the thought of just putting up with it and waiting to get through it.

After the first session I already started feeling better but since the second one all these problems have miraculously gone away. I do get a bit down occasionally as everyone does, but I now snap out of it quickly and don’t take it out on my partner.

I’m so grateful for the speedy and effective treatment of my issues and I think it tragic that more people are not aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

C. B

I was in despair, having never really properly shaken post natal depression since the birth of my first child. I had got over the issues of low mood and hopelessness but was left unable to cope and stay calm in stressful or difficult situations. I lost my cool regularly and was frequently stressed and upset.

I am now able to remain calm and help my son through his frustration, tiredness and confusion. I have a better relationship with him, my husband and parents.

Edward has helped me to become a better parent and a happier person. It’s like a door in me was closed and he has opened it- letting in so much good stuff.

Until I met Edward I don’t think I had really truly experienced the full joy of being a parent. Now, I enjoy my son every day – even when times are tough. And I feel proud of the parent I have become.


R. G

The results have been fantastic.  After a course of treatment I NOW SLEEP!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Edward Arran”.

R. S

I’m so glad I chose Edward.  I felt completely at ease and could see he genuinely cares about helping people overcome their issues as much as they do.

With Edward’s help I began to understand where these feelings came from and after a few sessions my mind began to work for me rather than against me.

N. H

Just a quick note to update you on my progress.  I have lost 33 pounds since I saw you last!!

P. R

Relaxing and surprisingly easy to do.

V. B

Gave me more confidence and a prospect for the future.


Before the session I was lacking in confidence and self-esteem, I had just left college and this is now my first time out of education, so I needed to look for a job. But with the barrier of lacking of confidence it was hard for me. I felt like I didn’t want to go get a job.

But this lack of confidence had been making me not want to do things for a long time.

Edward has a calm and confident voice that makes you feel calm. Only having one session with him made a big difference to me and my life.

Just having a chat to him and then going into the hypnotherapy was good for me because it gave me the chance to open up about everything that was wrong and then gave him the chance to do hypnotherapy and try to fix the problem.

I don’t know how he did it, but it worked for me, and it fixed my problem. So thank you for helping me!

C. M

I had a big hope in the therapy with Edward, and on the other hand I was a little concerned as I had little idea and knowledge about it. A friend of mine got over acrophobia by hypnosis so I thought I should give a go.

Edward is very welcoming, and listens to me very carefully first. And he approached my problems considering my concerns I had against the hypnosis. The more I talked to him the more I felt the benefit and effect of his hypnotherapy. I managed the fear and anxiety when I had a job interview.

M. L

Gave me a positive outlook and helped me put things into perspective.

D. J

It is a very relaxing experience. I no longer drink alcohol, however the rather pleasant sensation of, say, a glass of wine is a similar feeling to hypnosis. You feel relaxed and safe.

Mellow is probably the best description of the emotional state. You are still there, fully aware of Edward speaking to you with a little fuzziness around the edges, as your mind allows itself to be more fully open to the experience.

After each session I felt very happy and comfortable, similar to a great night out in the company of good friends and slept well on the evenings, like someone with no troubles.

P. K

A strange relaxed feeling I had never experienced before.  I was frustrated at doing things I shouldn’t have been doing like having my mouth open when eating and talking over people.

I feel I am doing these things less. Not there yet but getting there.  I would recommend anyone who has similar problems to go to Edward

A. M

Calming and enlightening, I felt surprisingly aware whilst feel so relaxed.

I was anxious and stressed.  I can now deal with situations in a new light and feel much calmer about things that previously would have made me extremely anxious, and once caused me to faint. I now don’t faint do to feeling anxious.

Before visiting Edward I suffered with fainting nearly every day from feeling extremely anxious about everyday situations. This had really been affecting my college attendance and confidence.

I was unsure as to what to expect when seeing Edward but he made me feel very comfortable and hypnotherapy was really relaxing and calming to me - as well as eye opening.

He’s made me see situations in a new light, where I feel more calm, confident and relaxed about things I would have perhaps once fainted over. I really do believe he has changed my life dramatically and I am very grateful for this.

I thoroughly recommend Edward, even if you’re sceptical about hypnotherapy.

H. S