What People Say

Some words from a few successful hypnotherapy clients

I began working as a hypnotherapist in 2004 and since then have helped thousands of people to lose weight and to stop smoking but there is so much more that effective hypnotherapy can do.  Over the years I have worked with an extremely wide range of challenges, from stress, anxiety, confidence and some very unusual issues.

Most of my work comes from recommendations from happy clients.  I often work with people who have tried hypnotherapy before, without success and help them find a way to make it work for them.  Here is just a small selection of testimonials from some of my clients……….

Extremely comfortable and relaxing. I was extremely anxious and had reached the lowest time of my life. Now I feel like a new person. I cannot believe the change in me,I feel so much more in control of my life and how I live it.

I would highly recommend Edward if you are considering hypnotherapy. My life was extremely unsettled and stressful before I met him. I was eating, drinking alcohol, and spending excessively and could see so escape.

I had tried counselling and other therapy’s over the past fifteen years and nothing made any difference.

I came out of my second session with Edward feeling like two huge boulders had been lifted from my shoulders. I can never thank him enough.

A. C

I’m not sure how I’d describe it, all I know is I feel much better when I leave than I did when I arrived!

L. B

It is quite a weird feeling. While I was aware of everything that was being said, and aware that if I really wanted to I could come out of it, in practice I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I didn’t have the inclination or the energy to do so.

I’d been suffering from depression and stress and was unable to stop myself behaving badly towards me partner. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide. This is normal after treatment for cancer, and some of it is delayed shock/PTSD, but I couldn’t face the thought of just putting up with it and waiting to get through it.

After the first session I already started feeling better but since the second one all these problems have miraculously gone away. I do get a bit down occasionally as everyone does, but I now snap out of it quickly and don’t take it out on my partner.

I’m so grateful for the speedy and effective treatment of my issues and I think it tragic that more people are not aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

C. B

Calmed my high levels of stress.

C. M

My whole life changed for the better ……. now I feel more relaxed, at ease and happier.  I am able to deal with stressful situations calmly and rationally … hypnotherapy has definitely improved my life and I would highly recommend it.

V. L

I would describe going to see Edward as having a gentle yet powerful brain massage, I go in feeling stressed and unsure about many aspects of my life and come out feeling euphoric and more able to function.  A great and lasting experience!

L. T

A wonderful experience….giving you peace of mind!

E. B

It really helped with my irrational anxiety. I am so much calmer now and able to deal with life better.  The experience of working with Edward has turned my life around.

I was suffering from irrational anxiety that was making my life a misery, and now I am very much calmer and able to cope with life.

Edward has really helped me, and left me with tools to help myself in the future.

S. C

I’ve never felt so physically and mentally relaxed!

B. Y

I went to see Edward with what I thought was a weight problem but through hypnosis found that it was much more than being overweight and that I needed to address many other things in my life. Edward helped me to see the way forward and I was soon able to make decisions and put them into action almost straight away.

Hypnosis is a pleasant experience and nothing to be scared of and you are always in control. I found that it helps me to relax and to look at issues I hadn’t seen before. I still need to work at things but hope that by addressing other issues it will help me to lose weight as well.

If you are unsure about hypnosis, try it. Edward will give you clear explanations and support and put your fears to rest around hypnosis. You won’t be running around like a chicken which was a fear I had. I can honestly say I am moving forward and thank Edward for giving me the tools and way forward.

C. H

Not what I expected. Relaxing and a feeling of being very focused. Always with the utmost trust and felt very comfortable.  Before I anxious over minimal problems and now have the ability to use things learnt in sessions to focus and remain calm.

Hypnotherapy and specifically Edward’s highly methodical and expert use of it, surpassed all of my expectations. His approach to my particular situation was fantastic and he really made me feel at ease. More importantly, Edward teaches you more and more about the human mind throughout your sessions with him and helps you to understand the changes that you and he make along the way.

Thoroughly recommended, in my opinion!

C. M

Thank you for the help you gave me in preparing for the operation. I know I could not have made it without your help. Right from the first session I knew that hypnotherapy was going to make me succeed and I came across a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson the first verse of which summed up my feelings after you had left.

The poem is entitled “My brain swims empty and light” and I will quote that verse;

My brain swims empty and light

Like a nut on a sea of oil;

And an atmosphere of quiet

Wraps me about from the turmoil and clamour of life.

Thanks to you I was able to have a successful operation and will now be able to resume the kind of life I enjoy.

Best Wishes

S. B

Hypnotherapy was a life saver for me.  It gave me back my freedom to make healthy choices.

P. T

Life is much better. Feel more confident driving and now able to go into shops without having anxiety attacks.

Before meeting Edward I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks whilst driving and going into busy shops, it was beginning to control my life. Since being hypnotised by Edward I have had the confidence to drive again with no attacks and going into shops is manageable. If I feel a panic attack starting I immediately control it thanks to the help and support of Edward.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Edward as he has really changed my life.

N. F

I’ve never experienced anything like it before!

A. S

A bit strange but a very positive outcome.  I was frustrated with myself.  I am now moving forward with a much more positive approach with my issue.

A. H

I looked forward to each session, getting to speak to my subconscious was amazing.  I found myself feeling much happier and confident.

L. R

Gave me more confidence and a prospect for the future.


Relaxing and surprisingly easy to do.

V. B

I was skeptical about the benefit but found the process relaxing and its effect very significant.  It has taken my golf handicap down from 18 to 7 in a three month period.

H. T

Excellent.  Felt more calm and confident and able to channel my thoughts in a different way.  I did not know what to expect but hypnotherapy has given me the confidence to challenge my negative thoughts and deal with them in a positive way.

C. H

I suffered very badly from anxiety for 7 years. I have tried medication, CBT, group therapy, counselling and even rapid eye movement therapy, they were good for a short while but nothing shifted the anxiety for good and recently it just got unmanageable and unbearable.

I am into mountain biking and would worry about new trails and even fret about trails I had done a thousand times before, one tiny slip would set me off into a panic attack.

A new trail would leave me breathless, panicky and I would freeze with fear and have to push my bike back to the car in tears! Now on my bike I enjoy the moment. I don’t worry about what is ahead and have a huge sense of ‘I can do it’ and take every challenge as it comes.

I have done things since our very first session which I would never have even considered before! I have gone back to places where I couldn’t do bits and not even hesitated and smashed it! I am going mountain biking around Europe and now known can do anything! I can do it! No need to worry!

My husband and brother have noticed a huge change in me and it is all down to Edward! We couldn’t thank him enough!!!

K. T

Different and more effective than past experience with hypnotherapy. Edwards follow up procedure is second to none. Genuine care and attention to find the root of the problem.

I have discovered reasons behind my anxiety that I was unaware of before my sessions with Edward that go back further than I ever imagined. He offers security of my wellbeing knowing what could trigger my anxiety and how to avoid reoccurrence.

Highly recommended for both hypnotherapy and aftercare. Edward has genuine concern for people and how his service can help. I will definitely return if I feel it necessary.

L. M

Without your help I do not know how my life would have gone.  Your sessions have really helped me sort out my family and health problems, so that now I can face things with a positive outlook.

Thank you.

D. J

It’s really hard to explain and to put in words how Edward has helped me to solve little things in my life that other people may struggle with.. cigarettes, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, breaking up issues. me?

I have never had any of these and I don’t even know what they are. Or at least, this is what I believe in. I don’t understand what people mean when they invite me to go outside for a cigarette, as I can’t even stand the smell. And I don’t see myself as someone who has ever smoked.

Well. whatever the issue is, I do recommend a chat with Edward. If you want to achieve it, he’ll just make it happen for you. Enjoy life!

J. D

The most surreal and mind blowing thing that has ever happened to me!

S. A

A hugely calming experience – I was surprised that I felt more ‘conscious’ than I expected.  I was suffering with great tension over a couple of major issues, including serious professional problems with a colleague at work. I felt that I could not find a way to deal positively with the problems that I was up against, and that I was ‘damaging’ myself by storing up the frustration and stress.

I am feeling much stronger and am much more able to ‘let go’ of the tensions created by people and situations over which I have no control.  Thank you Edward for helping me find a way through the complex and often frustrating situations that I have recently encountered.

His approach is uncomplicated and entirely logical, and has helped me to re-establish my own inner strength – He has helped ‘unlock’ the power within me and help me face up to and deal with the bullying and narcissistic tendencies of a work colleague in such a way that I am ‘in control’ once again!

M. W

I have nails! For the first time in my life,which is wonderful. I think with this result, as well, has come more confidence in myself and pride.

Further sessions to improve upon my self esteem are following and I am managing to suppress my appetite after years of yo-yo style dieting. I don’t feel a need to eat, to feel better about myself I just do feel better about myself since the hypnotherapy sessions with Edward.

P. K

I did not have the natural births that I planned, yes I had to have medical help to deliver both my children, however without hypnosis I would not have had any control over the situation, I would not have felt able to deal with it and possibly I would not have had my second child, imagine that!

L. A

Very relaxing, supportive and empowering.  I feel much more positive.

D. A