Hypnotherapy to Help You Stop Smoking

Would you like to become a non smoker and be free from cigarettes for the rest of your life? Becoming a non smoker doesn't have to be difficult and could even be easier than you thought because you weren't born a smoker; it is something you have learned to do. 

Do you remember the first cigarette you smoked?  Didn't it taste and smell horrible? Like most things in life being a smoker is something you have gradually become, with every cigarette the programme inside becoming stronger and stronger.  You have even learned how to ignore the smell and taste!  


You are Programmed to Smoke

You obviously know the danger and long term health effects of smoking, nicotine and tobacco but still you smoke.  Why do you do this?  It is because you have become subconsciously programmed to smoke.  

Think about it for a moment, have you ever tried to stop but couldn’t?  Maybe you managed to quit for a few days, weeks or even months.  What happened then.  Some clients tell me that they stopped for years but something just clicked inside their head and they lit up again and suddenly they were once again a smoker.

This is a programme inside your mind.  Like a computer uses software, your mind uses programmes and these must be found and changed if you are finally to be free of smoking once and for all.  It is that simple.


Helping you remain a non smoker

Many of my successful clients have tried to stop smoking but failed with patches and will power alone.  They wanted to stop but their mind didn't. They were programmed to smoke.

It is my aim to help you change this by finding this programme and either remove, or replace it with one that works for you, to make you feel healthier and regain control again.

I don’t offer one stop smoking sessions because I want you to become a permanent non smoker.  The programme must be changed so that you can live your life free of smoking and cigarettes.  You also need to be able to deal with everything your life throws at you without the desire for a cigarette, or need to reach for one.  Then you can be truly free!