Before I came to see Edward, I was a powerhouse of nerves

"Before I came to see Edward, I was a powerhouse of nerves. I couldn't last through a whole day with out at least one or more episodes of stress related IBS.  I always needed to know where the nearest toilet was; always wishing I could be normal.  I used to fret so much about what I imagined was going to happen to me in any given situation that I would make myself ill.

I was even told by my doctor to leave one of my jobs because of the stress I was under.

I couldn't handle confrontation as my stresses and worries were starting to filter into other parts of my life and into physical symptoms. I found Edward while trying to relax myself using Reflexology, Massages and Bowen, but knowing these things wouldn't change my mind-set, I looked at his website. I was skeptical about whether it would work.

I didn't believe the hype that hypnotherapy could really do what people were claiming. 

I really thought I would be limited to a life of toilet hunting and nerves. Finally after one rotten week, I finally plucked up the courage to send Edward an email (telephoning at that time would have been my worst nightmare) and when he responded saying he could help me. I could have cried but Edward put me at completely at ease and answered every question I had with full detail.  I found myself getting more and more excited about how I was going to end up like.

I looked forward to each session, getting to speak to my subconscious was amazing.

I found myself feeling much happier and confident.  I was also able to let go of my childhood traumas, as I realised my bullies hadn't taken my confidence, I had let it fall and I was able to get it back.

Edward has been a dream. I went to him with a need to change a tiny little thing, but he ended up changing much more.

I’m now more confident around people, can face a situation which is out of my comfort zone and now no longer need to worry about where the nearest toilet is.

Edward also helped me to realise my dream of moving in to my own place, which I have now done and I feel fantastic. I am also a lot happier about my life and I am looking forward to the future with passion and excitement.

I still have off-days, however I am able to use the tools Edward taught me, to help me through anything difficult.

If you are even a little unsure about whether to be hypnotised, please speak to Edward – he will explain the whole process, before a session even takes place. He is not a stage hypnotist and won’t make you look stupid, which was my original view.  He is there to help you.

I just wish I hadn't waited as long as I did before I contacted him.  Thank you, Ed.

- R. L



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