It has given me an insight into myself and helped me immensely

"In two words - "A Revelation".  It has given me an insight into myself and helped me immensely.  I would advise anyone struggling with a habit, self-esteem issue(s) and fighting depression and/or anxiety and confidence, worries and more. Edward will help. Hypnotism allows you to be in a relaxed state of mind and accept suggestion to realign yourself with the person you should be.

It isn't in any way or shape a parlour game and you are always in control of  you.

I cannot recommend enough, for the help that you can't receive from a pill or a self-help book.

I found that I was instantly able to relax in the presence of Edward. This fact helped with a process that lasted through 5 sessions, to stop a habit that I really didn't think it would be possible to cease. It is an individual process and very personal. Hard to describe. You do not go to sleep or feel out of control, you are constantly in the moment, relaxed and in touch with your own subconscious. This allows Edward to talk to you and your subconscious, approaching your subconscious with subtle suggestion, whilst you are open to absorb safely.

There is no cue i.e. when I say 'this word' it'll all be in abeyance. Possibly meaning that the issue may return. Not in my case, the process, (my experience).

Allowed me to accept the reason for my habit and to stop it.

It has been months since my treatment and I continue to use Edward's motivational recordings. I am so happy with the result and although it perhaps hasn't changed my life, it has increased my levels of confidence which allows me to change my life. I recommend Edward to friends and family who also struggle with confidence issues and habits. His techniques work and I never thought I would be as happy with something that has so many myths surrounding it.

Try it yourself and enjoy the phenomenal results!

Thank you Edward".





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