Gone are my palpitations and occasional panic attacks

"It really is remarkable.  Over a very short time I feel happier, more relaxed, content with myself, and a more rounded person. Gone are my palpitations, occasional panic attacks, and those adrenaline rushes that left me feeling nervous and on edge.

I’m so delighted with this shift that I would be content to have only experienced this.  But the new stress-free me was an added bonus as my initial reason for calling upon Edward was a physical one.

I’d struggled with constipation for as long as I could remember, seeking many solutions over decades but not solving the problem.

Then I thought - maybe it’s all in the mind? Maybe it’s a combination of stress, childhood conditioning and mental patterning that was playing a large part in my condition? Could it be that by hypnotherapy, my subconscious mind could be rewired?  Could my anxiety be alleviated? Could the layers of conditioning and beliefs be removed and new thoughts somehow accepted by my subconscious?

I chose my hypnotherapist well.

Ed is passionate about what he does and was enthusiastic about helping me.  His experience gives him a wide range of techniques at his fingertips.  Often working instinctively, he allows his intuitive mind to channel his way of working.

I am getting there.  Things are improving.  And what is more, in addition to the progress so far my stress urinary contingency, triggered by anxiety, something 1 in 5 people over 40 suffers from, is improving too.

Ed is a very sincere person, who wants to make a difference.

He is easy to talk to and has earnestly sought to remove my problems.  Working with him has been worthwhile and I know the benefits gained will be on-going.

- T.H




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